Can you have herpes for years before your first outbreak ?

Question by To many questions: Can you have herpes for years before your first outbreak ?
Me and my girl have been together for five years. She just found out she has herpes from an outbreak with all the signs, swollen glands and sores and feeling ill. And then another outbreak about two weeks later. From everything I’ve been reading those mostly happen after you’ve just become infected 4 to 6 weeks after you have goten it.
Is this correct ?
Can you first outbreak happen after years of having it?
Can you have signs like this after many years or should I suspect she’s been fooling around on me ?
I’ve read people can have it and not know, if so, do outbreaks get worse all of a sudden.
ANY help would be wonderfull I’ve been to many of the sites reading my butt off and it’s a lot to handel
My doctors appt. is next week, if the tests can come back with false negitives when no signs are presant,, might everybody have it and not just know it..
I’ve never even had a cold sore or fever blister
Can hsv 1 be gotton from shareing drink, I have an eight year old son ??

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Answer by J’adore
Yes you can have herpes for years before symptoms

and you can only get herpes from sexual contact.

you may not have it though because the skin down there is so much thicker than a womans, and makes it harder to pass to you.

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