How do you know if your having a herpes outbreak?

Question by MiSS JOY: How do you know if your having a herpes outbreak?
I was diagnosed with herpes 9 months ago, since the initial outbreak I don’t think I’ve ever had a occurrence. I know the first one they say it the worst.. but how do you know if you have one? Any tips on preventing them? thanks so much.

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Answer by Sweet Pea
I’m sorry I can’t be much help but these sound like questions a doctor would be able to answer with the details you need. Check out some legitimate medical websites with information about it. I don’t think Yahoo Answers is the place to come for questions about herpes.

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  • Chanel Griffin  says:

    im not a doctor but i have genital herpes .. you can tell that you’re going to get an outbreak like a week before you actually get one, you might feel itchiness or irritation down there. the only way that could happen prevent them is to get on suppression pills. Im on acyclovir and i take 4 pills daily. It prevents me from having reoccurring outbreaks and reduces transmission and viral shedding. viral shedding is when you don’t have any obvious signs of an outbreak but when you’re shedding, you can still pass it. i had my first outbreak 2 months ago and that was PAINFUL. the best thing is take the meds every day so you won’t have to deal with those pain in the ass outbreaks.. they suck

  • Emma  says:

    My sister found out she had herpes not too long ago. about after a week after she had sex with the boy she started feeling sum lil open sore thing in her vagina and it kinda looked like an ulser and it burned realy realy bad when she urinated. if u feel like u have anything go to the doctor cause you never know.

  • LINDSEY S  says:

    Usually you would have some itching, burning and or tingling symptoms occurring around your genitals, you may have some burning when you urinate but it should be less pain full then the first break out. It’s also possible to have the initial break out then never have another.
    Keep your immune system healthy by having a healthy diet, an regular exercise. Reduce the amount of stress in your life, you can also take antiviral medication or suppressants to help manage your break outs.

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