hpv or herpes?

Question by nevae d: hpv or herpes?
Ok this is just kind of an I want your opinion type of question. Would you be more likely to date someone with hpv, or herpes. Like if you liked a person and they told you they had herpes, would you say yes or no. And if they said they had hpv instead would your answer change?? Just a question. Please no critasicm
ok i guess you guys dont understand the question!! I have herpes so i’m not dogging people with any disease. What I am asking is would someone have the same chance with you with hpv, or herpes

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Answer by assertive1
That just depends on how long I knew the person and how much I liked them…Herpes and HPV are both for life. That sounds like a life decision to me and that doesn’t seem like a decision I would want to make overnight.

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  • nikki r  says:

    Me myself would never date anyone who told me they had a S.T.D. But I think if you are in that situation HPV they have a vaccine for now but herpes no you are gonna get stuck for life with that one.

  • Lucy The Dog  says:

    Just because someone has a STD doesn’t make them less of a person. I would date the person based on personality, life goals, etc. Not based on a STD.

    Would you date someone with Cancer? Or TB? These are both DEADLY diseases but not sexually transmitted. And keep in mind the majority of the population is infected with the Herpes virus. Many don’t even know they have it. (Chicken pox is in the same class as herpes, and so are cold sores)

  • sheloves_dablues  says:

    First off, anyone with herpes has an ethical, moral and social responsibility to advise any potential sexual partner about their condition before becoming intimate. And the fact that they tell you well in advance is a good sign – they have a sense of responsibility and character, care about you and your health, and view you as a someone with the potential to have a well-rounded relationship with. People with herpes and/or hpv did not ask to become infected, this was not a choice – they contracted the disease from a scum-bag who didn’t have enough moral fibre to protect from harm the person they were having sex with. While not curable, they can both be managed with medication and understanding from your partner.

  • Me  says:

    I would rather date the person with Herpes, because I already have it.
    I know you didn’t mean to offend anyone, but you having the virus should understand how it would come off to those who have it and are still going through the depression stage.
    To the guy above your absolutely right people who tell their partner are responsible. People deserve to have a normal life. Just because some scum bag infected them w/o warning is no reason to give up and stop your plans.
    I always dreamed of my wedding.
    Ever since I was a little girl, we all do. When I found out I was only 17 … Me and my fiancee had just broken up and I was heart broken. I confided in his cousin 30 years old and married. I thought we were friends and I could trust him to help me find out what I did wrong. Instead he invited me over and took advantage of me and gave me HERPES!
    So to those girls up top…
    If this happen to your sister, I think it would change your mind. Wouldn’t she deserve a good man?
    I have a good one… Oh, and he hasn’t contracted the Herpes Virus from me either.

    To the question asker…
    Q: Why do you want to know this?
    Q: What does it matter?
    Q: How are you making people with HPV feel right now?

    They are the same as us. Innocent… and they just want a good life.

    Sorry if I upset you…


  • B  says:

    That is really pretty rough… I would say neither.. but considering a significant percentage of my demographic has HPV and doesn’t even know it….. I would say HPV… minus the warts. But even warts would be worse than a chancre.

    Something of interest, researchers just used a recombinase (enzyme) to remove a retrovirus from chromosomes in human cells. Retroviruses like HPV/Herpese simplex may not someday be all that permanent.


  • blessedlifecoh  says:

    Well, I respects everyone opinion. I new to the herpes life. I married now separated, yes he cheated and now I have herpes. So I guess I would rather be with someone who has the same issues as I. I now stuck because if I decided to be with someone else my morals and relationship with GOD is damage. I’m not divorce and when someone approaches me I even scared to talk. How can I even think I can have a normal life with someone who doesn’t have herpes. I definitely would have to be with someone who did.

  • Agape  says:

    Lucky me, I have HSV and HPV but my boyfriend doesn’t have either and still loves me. Both viruses are not curable.

    In most cases, Herpes is not deadly whereas HPV can cause cervical Cancer in women. However, HPV is more socially accepted than HSV2 because 50% of men and women have HPV and 80% of women will have HPV by the time they are 50 years old. On the other hand, only about 22% of men and women have HSV2 though about 90% get HSV1. HSV1 and HSV2 are very similar viruses, but many people write HSV1 as “just a cold sore.”

    Physically, I would rather get HSV2, HSV1, then HPV. I would rather have private outbreaks than outbreaks on my face. I would rather not have to deal with the possibility of getting Cancer.

    Socially, I would rather get HSV1, HPV, then HSV2 because the level of social acceptance is easier the more prevalent the virus.

    Realistically, we can’t really choose because most people who have HSV or HPV have no symptoms and never get tested. Condoms are not 100% effective against skin-to-skin transmitted viruses. We all think we can be careful and not get these viruses, but the only way of being sure of that is by not having oral or any other kind of sex. And how many of us are actually going to be able to do that?

  • trinity c  says:

    i would rather be with someone who has herpes, because i have herpes, which you cannot die from. hpv if you are high risk, cercical cancer, and you can die form cancer, so i would rather be with herpes!

  • Alli  says:

    I’ve never dated someone who has both herpes and HPV, but I personally have both of those viruses and have had them for 6+ years.

    I have never had a problem with dating anyone. All the men I have dated have been (surprisingly) REALLY accepting and supportive of me and what I have. I told them ALL what I have before I had sex with them and none of them ran away screaming or anything. I was with one ex for almost 4 years and I’m currently in a 1 and 1/2 year relationship with my fiance. I even dated someone who had genital herpes for a little while.

    Most people (at least the men I have come across) are actually really nice and accepting about it. If a person can’t stand the fact of dating someone who has herpes or HPV then fine – don’t date them. There are PLENTY of other people out there! Take care and good luck!

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