hpv or herpes?

Question by nevae d: hpv or herpes?
Ok this is just kind of an I want your opinion type of question. Would you be more likely to date someone with hpv, or herpes. Like if you liked a person and they told you they had herpes, would you say yes or no. And if they said they had hpv instead would your answer change?? Just a question. Please no critasicm
ok i guess you guys dont understand the question!! I have herpes so i’m not dogging people with any disease. What I am asking is would someone have the same chance with you with hpv, or herpes

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Answer by assertive1
That just depends on how long I knew the person and how much I liked them…Herpes and HPV are both for life. That sounds like a life decision to me and that doesn’t seem like a decision I would want to make overnight.

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