Q&A: Can you get herpes from sharing a towel?

Question by guipa3: Can you get herpes from sharing a towel?
My best friend bit my head off this morning about possibly passing herpes onto her by letting her use my towel. I told her I didnt know it’s possible to pass it by using same towel because as I read on a lot of sites say it has to be moist in order to pass the HSV and have a direct touch such as kissing, oral sex and sex. The towel was dry at that time she borrowed it from me.

My understanding about HSV1 is if I have active HSV1 and I share cup, silverware or whatever; it has to be moist and also be in direct touch with another person for them to contract it.


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Answer by la_femme100
herpes is only passed by direct touch. the virus doesn’t live for too long on surfaces…

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